In this case study, we will explore how our solution enabled a large financial institution, one of the top five banks in Poland, to undergo a digital transformation in the area of credit deposits. By introducing automation and digital channels for handling credit instructions, the client aimed to reduce operational costs and improve the overall customer experience.

Client Profile

The client is a major financial institution operating in the banking industry and ranks among the top five banks in Poland. They provide a wide range of banking services, including credit deposits, to individual and corporate customers. With a focus on embracing digital technologies, the client recognized the need to enhance automation in the credit disposal process to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


The client faced challenges in the traditional approach to handling credit instructions. The existing process relied heavily on manual interventions and in-person visits to bank branches. This approach not only incurred higher operational costs but also limited the accessibility and convenience for customers. The client wanted to embrace digital transformation to automate the handling of credit instructions and enable customers to initiate and manage credit-related activities through digital channels.


Our solution involved a comprehensive digital transformation of the credit deposit process. The client aimed to meet the growing market expectations and enable customers to handle various credit instructions conveniently. The project included the following key components:

  1. Digital Channels: The client introduced handling of credit instructions through electronic and mobile banking platforms, making it accessible to customers from anywhere at any time. This shift reduced the dependency on bank branches and provided customers with greater convenience and flexibility.
  2. Automation: Backoffice operations were automated to handle 80% of the basic credit instruction cases, such as early loan repayment, change of repayment account, suspension of loan installment repayment, extension of the loan period, and change of repayment date. The automation of these processes reduced manual interventions, streamlined operations, and improved efficiency.
  3. Simplified Credit Risk Assessment: The client implemented a simplified credit risk assessment process to expedite credit decisions and improve the speed of credit approvals. By leveraging digital data and analytics, the client could assess creditworthiness more efficiently and provide faster responses to credit requests.


After the implementation of the digital transformation initiative, the client witnessed significant results and benefits:

  1. Cost Reduction: Automation and digitization of credit deposit processes reduced operational costs associated with manual interventions, paperwork, and branch visits. The streamlined operations resulted in more efficient utilization of resources and reduced processing time.
  2. Increased Sales Volume: The introduction of digital channels and the convenience of handling credit instructions online led to an increase in sales volume. Customers embraced the new functionality and actively utilized digital channels for credit-related activities, contributing to the growth of the credit deposit business.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: The digital transformation improved the overall customer experience by providing convenient, 24/7 access to credit instructions through electronic and mobile banking platforms. Customers could initiate and manage credit activities at their convenience, reducing the need for in-person visits and paperwork.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Automation of back-office operations and simplified credit risk assessment processes improved operational efficiency and reduced the turnaround time for credit decisions. The streamlined processes enabled faster processing of credit instructions and improved the speed of customer service.


Through the digital transformation of credit deposits, the client, a leading financial institution, achieved increased automation, cost reduction, and improved customer experiences. By embracing digital channels and automating credit instruction handling, the client enhanced operational efficiency, accelerated credit decision-making, and provided customers with convenient and accessible credit services. Our solution enabled the client to undergo a successful digital transformation, empowering them to stay competitive in the banking industry and deliver exceptional services to their customers.