In this case study, we will explore how our solution helped a large financial institution operating in the banking industry enhance the efficiency of their business processes through the development and maintenance of the Korpo CRM system. The client had independently built the CRM system for their corporate client advisors but needed support to rebuild the system’s architecture and address growing needs.

Client Profile

The client is one of the top five banks in Poland, serving a wide range of customers in the corporate sector. They had developed their CRM system, called Korpo, to empower their advisors in effectively managing relationships with corporate clients.


The client’s existing CRM system, Korpo, had undergone numerous changes over the years, resulting in a complex architecture and challenges in meeting the evolving needs of analysts and customer advisors. The client recognized the need to rebuild the system’s architecture to ensure scalability, optimize data sources, and improve the efficiency of report inquiries from various business units.


Our solution involved taking over the development and maintenance of the Korpo CRM system to address the client’s challenges. The project encompassed the following key steps:

  1. Data Source Inventory: We conducted a thorough analysis of the data sources used in the system, which included multiple island databases. This step was crucial to understand the existing data landscape and identify opportunities for consolidation and optimization.
  2. Reconstruction of SQL Queries: We focused on reconstructing a significant number of SQL queries to streamline data retrieval and ensure faster response times. By optimizing the database feed processes and enhancing the efficiency of SQL queries, we aimed to improve the overall performance of the system.
  3. Application Code Analysis and Rebuilding: We meticulously analyzed the application code of the Korpo CRM system, both in the frontend and backend layers. This analysis allowed us to identify areas for improvement and develop a plan for rebuilding the application code to meet the growing demands for ad-hoc reporting from various business units.


After three months of intensive work by our analytical and development team, we achieved the following results:

  1. Reconstructed Database Feed Processes: We successfully reconstructed the database feed processes, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. This optimization significantly improved the system’s performance and reliability.
  2. Comprehensive Documentation: We provided complete documentation of the structures and layers of the Korpo CRM application. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for consistent development, maintenance, and future enhancements of the system.
  3. Enhanced Performance and Stability: By rebuilding the application code and optimizing SQL queries, we achieved faster response times and increased system stability. The ad-hoc reporting functionality became more reliable, enabling faster decision-making for the advisors and analysts.


Through the development and maintenance of the Korpo CRM system, our solution empowered the client, a leading financial institution, to enhance the efficiency of their business processes. By reconstructing the system’s architecture, optimizing database feed processes, and improving SQL queries, we achieved improved performance, stability, and scalability. The comprehensive documentation provided ensures the consistent development and maintenance of the system. The successful implementation of our solution enables the client’s advisors and analysts to effectively manage relationships with corporate clients and make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data.