In this case study, we will explore how a large financial institution operating in the banking sector successfully improved its customer retention process. The client aimed to reduce customer churn and enhance customer loyalty, recognizing that acquiring new customers is more costly than retaining existing ones. The project focused on improving performance indicators while optimizing operational costs.

Client Profile

The client is a prominent financial institution in the banking sector, committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and driving customer loyalty. They sought to improve their customer retention strategies to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.


The challenge was to enhance the customer retention process and improve performance indicators while managing operating costs. The project aimed to individualize and personalize offers presented to clients during telephone conversations with Customer Service Consultants. The goal was to leverage data analysis and provide tailored solutions to meet customer needs, all within the constraints of time and efficiency.


Our project team focused on data analysis, specifically examining the information available to Customer Service Consultants during telephone conversations with clients. By defining a comprehensive data set, we enabled the diversification and personalization of offers presented to customers. Key aspects of the solution included:

  1. Data Analysis: We analyzed the data held by the bank, extracting valuable insights that could be utilized by Customer Service Consultants during their interactions with clients. This allowed for a better understanding of each customer’s preferences, priorities, and needs.
  2. Personalized Offers: Leveraging the insights gained from data analysis, we designed a solution that facilitated the individualization of offers. Customer Service Consultants were equipped with the necessary information to propose tailored solutions and promotional products to customers, improving the relevance and effectiveness of their offers.
  3. Continuous Improvement: The solution was continuously monitored and improved based on data from the production environment. Collaborating closely with product departments and employing a well-designed user experience (UX), we ensured that consultants could efficiently offer customized products and solutions to customers.


The implementation of the customer retention process yielded significant results for the client. Key outcomes included:

  1. Reduced Churn Rate: The client successfully reduced their customer churn rate by leveraging operational data and insights gained from telephone conversations. By understanding customer priorities and proposing personalized solutions, they enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Improved Offer Relevance: The personalization of offers enabled Customer Service Consultants to present tailored solutions that met the specific needs of each customer. This resulted in increased customer engagement and a higher likelihood of accepting the proposed offers.
  3. Cost Optimization: By focusing on data-driven insights and optimizing the customer retention process, the client achieved cost savings. They minimized the resources required to retain customers while maximizing the effectiveness of their retention strategies.


The implementation of an enhanced customer retention process enabled the client to reduce churn, enhance customer loyalty, and optimize operational costs. By leveraging data analysis and personalized offers, they successfully addressed customer needs and preferences. The collaboration between the project team, product departments, and Customer Service Consultants ensured the continuous improvement of the solution.

This case study exemplifies the client’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and improving customer retention. Through data-driven insights and personalized offers, they successfully enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and achieved cost optimization. The client’s customer retention process serves as a testament to their dedication to building long-term relationships with their customers and driving business growth.