In this case study, we will explore how our solution enabled a large logistics institution in Poland to automate and streamline their internal IT processes. With a focus on improving control and security, the client sought to automate access management to IT resources, including inference, approval, and commissioning. By implementing our solution, the client aimed to reduce service time, minimize errors, and enhance overall security by limiting access to essential IT resources.

Client Profile

The client is a prominent logistics institution operating in Poland, with a vast network of employees, including couriers, totaling over 10,000 individuals. The client recognized the need to optimize and automate their internal IT processes to address the challenges of a large employee turnover and enhance security measures.


The client’s internal IT processes had been largely manual and required significant manual effort to manage access to IT resources. With a large number of employees and frequent staff rotation, it was challenging to ensure timely and secure access provisioning, minimize errors, and maintain strict control over access privileges. The client sought a solution that would automate the entire process, reduce service time, and improve overall security.


Our solution focused on the automation and optimization of internal IT processes, specifically access management to IT resources. The project involved the following key steps:

  1. Process Inventorization: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of all internal IT processes and their workflows. This step involved identifying areas that required automation, defining access levels, and establishing standardized processes for access provisioning, approval, and renewal.
  2. Harmonization of Processes: We worked closely with the client to harmonize the course of processes and define acceptance levels necessary for commissioning. This step ensured consistency and adherence to predefined access policies and security protocols.
  3. Implementation of BPMS Tool: To facilitate quick response and process changes, we leveraged a BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) tool called webMethods. This tool provided the necessary flexibility and agility to adapt to evolving requirements and introduce process enhancements seamlessly.


The implementation of our solution delivered significant results and benefits for the client:

  1. Improved Efficiency: The client’s employees embraced the automated solution, resulting in reduced service time for access management requests. The streamlined processes allowed for faster provisioning, approval, and renewal of permissions, minimizing delays and improving overall operational efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Security: By automating access management, the client achieved greater control and security over IT resources. The solution limited access privileges to the necessary minimum, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with security protocols.
  3. Transparency and Tracking: The implemented solution provided real-time visibility into the status and execution time of each access management request. This transparency allowed for better monitoring, tracking, and reporting of access-related activities, facilitating audit trails and compliance requirements.


Through the automation of internal IT processes, our solution enabled the client, a large logistics institution, to enhance control, security, and efficiency. By automating access management to IT resources, the client achieved faster service delivery, reduced errors, and improved overall security by limiting access privileges. Our solution provided transparency, tracking, and compliance capabilities, enabling the client to maintain strict control over IT resource access and ensure adherence to security protocols. The successful implementation of the solution empowered the client to optimize their internal IT processes and enhance operational efficiency in a dynamic logistics environment.