In this case study, we will explore how a large financial institution operating in the banking industry successfully implemented automation in credit card applications. The client aimed to increase sales through remote channels while reducing the cost of credit card products. They also sought to improve customer experience through an omnichannel approach, enhancing the conversion rate of sales processes across various channels.

Client Profile

The client is a major financial institution operating in the banking industry. With a focus on expanding sales through remote channels, they aimed to streamline credit card applications and enhance the overall customer experience.


The client faced the challenge of increasing sales of credit cards through web and mobile channels while ensuring a seamless omnichannel experience. The involvement and coordination of multiple business units, including e-banking, sales, risk, and product specialists, added complexity to the project. Additionally, integrating the credit card sales process with the bank’s environment, which consisted of over 80 integration services, various suppliers, technologies, and data models, posed a significant challenge.


To address the client’s expectations and challenges, a professional and results-driven approach was taken. The project team collaborated closely with various business units to develop a streamlined credit card application process. Key aspects of the solution included:

  1. Omnichannel Approach: The implementation of an omnichannel approach allowed customers to start the credit card application process in one channel and seamlessly complete it in another. This approach improved customer experience by providing flexibility and convenience.
  2. Streamlined Risk Assessment: The project team developed a simplified risk assessment model that balanced the need for a smooth customer experience with the bank’s risk management requirements. This model ensured a comprehensive risk assessment while expediting the application process.
  3. Integration with Bank’s Environment: Seamless integration with the bank’s environment was crucial to the success of the project. The team leveraged over 80 integration services, coordinated with various suppliers, and incorporated multiple technologies and data models to ensure a smooth and efficient credit card application process.


The implementation of credit card application automation yielded significant results for the client:

  1. Increased Sales Volume: The introduction of an automated credit card application process through remote channels resulted in increased sales volume. Customers embraced the convenience and accessibility of applying for credit cards online, leading to higher adoption rates.
  2. Improved Customer Experience: By streamlining the application process and offering an omnichannel experience, the client significantly improved customer satisfaction. Customers enjoyed the flexibility of initiating the application in one channel and seamlessly continuing in another, enhancing their overall experience.
  3. Cost Reduction: Automating the credit card application process resulted in cost reductions for the client. Manual processing and administrative tasks were minimized, leading to operational efficiencies and cost savings.


The successful implementation of credit card application automation enabled the client, a leading financial institution in the banking industry, to achieve increased sales, improved customer experience, and cost reductions. By adopting an omnichannel approach and streamlining the risk assessment process, the bank effectively attracted more customers and enhanced their satisfaction. The seamless integration with the bank’s environment ensured a smooth and efficient credit card application process.

This case study showcases the client’s commitment to leveraging technology to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. By implementing credit card application automation, the client positioned themselves as a leader in providing convenient and efficient credit card solutions through remote channels.