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The client is a well-established pharmacy chain with a significant online presence. They offer an extensive product range in healthcare and lifestyle categories and are dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience to their customers.


With the aim to solidify its market position and support continued business growth, the client sought to redesign and upgrade its website. The challenge was to develop a practical, attractive, and user-friendly design that could cater to various sections like e-drugstore and Lifestyle Club while maintaining a consistent visual identity across the site. The initiative also aimed to facilitate easier and faster shopping experiences. The execution of the plan coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing the demands on the existing online shop and requiring it to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing market.


The client partnered with the post-digital agency GoldenSubmarine for conducting a UX audit and designing the site, and with Exorigo-Upos for handling the technical aspects and implementation. A comprehensive analysis was conducted, using tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics to understand user behaviour, feedback, and frequently reported problems. This paved the way for the creation of the website’s content architecture and visual layer.

One of the standout features implemented was an integrated user account system that allowed smooth shopping, earning of loyalty points, and quick access to order history. The website was based on Magento’s latest version and integrated with Algolia, a modern Search & Discovery platform, enhancing user experience during product search and category browsing.


The redesigned website became instrumental in the client’s growth strategy, contributing to a 500% YoY increase in 2020. The new digital platform now acts as a stable base for implementing new services and solutions for customers. The website stands out with exciting solutions in customer experience, not overwhelming users with content and enabling quick and convenient shopping.


Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic and the complex nature of the project, the successful implementation of the new website is a testament to the successful collaboration between the client, GoldenSubmarine, and Exorigo-Upos. The redesigned website has not only improved the user experience but also become a vital part of the client’s growth strategy. It proves that with the right technology and strategic partnership, businesses can thrive and continue to evolve in a rapidly changing market.

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