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Our client operates five of the largest destination garden centres in the UK, serving up to 60,000 customers per week. Continuously seeking ways to improve their customer experience and simplify staff operations, they recognised the need to revamp their signage processes.


The client identified that the process of creating, managing, and utilising signage across their centres was cumbersome and costly. The lengthy eight-week promotional cycle, common in retail, hindered their ability to introduce new offers easily and promptly. Additionally, the lack of indexing or version control made it time-consuming to locate the correct signage. A lack of audit and compliance control further complicated the situation.


The client selected NetTickIT, recognising its potential to overhaul their signage process completely. This software enables the client to create, deploy, and manage new signage rapidly, reducing the promotional cycle to just a few hours. The system also highlights the added value they offer to their customers, such as plant guarantees and high levels of expertise.

NetTickIT’s highly automated system tracks every step in a database, allowing for easy management reporting. This solution ensures full compliance and auditing, enabling only the most current version of any signage to be used. Damaged or missing signage can be reprinted within minutes.

As part of future plans, the client will print outdoor signs themselves on special plastic, eliminating the need for lamination and resulting in significant cost savings. The next project phase will include producing shelf edge labels using the NetTickIT software, further speeding up the process and allowing the client to provide even more value-added information to their customers.


NetTickIT has empowered the client to streamline their promotional cycles, ensuring compliance and audit control, and significantly reducing labour hours. This efficiency allows staff to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service. The client’s continual investment in technology like NetTickIT demonstrates their commitment to improving processes, ultimately benefiting both their customers and staff.


The implementation of NetTickIT software resulted in a significant enhancement of the client’s promotional and signage process. This technological investment led to an improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, and the ability to provide valuable, timely promotions to customers. By automating and streamlining processes, the client was able to free up staff resources, enabling them to focus more on delivering superior customer service. This case study affirms that investing in advanced technology can lead to considerable improvements in retail operational processes, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and business success.

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