A prominent apparel corporation based in the United Kingdom.


The client was in the process of establishing a novel online store through the usage of a pre-existing eCommerce solution, BigCommerce. They anticipated professional assistance with the intricate process of system integration.


The client embarked on this endeavor with the aim of launching a new online store to effectively manage eCommerce transactions. The project’s primary objective was the seamless integration of the new eCommerce platform with the current systems, responsible for the fulfillment and management of online orders. A challenging aspect of the project was executing this integration without the employment of the webhook mechanism due to the client’s security reservations. Consequently, a mechanism was designed to periodically retrieve new orders and updates on existing ones. This ensured that no data was overlooked and that all necessary information was efficiently relayed to the internal systems. As part of this initiative, reverse integration was also conducted – updating the order status on the eCommerce platform.

The project adopted a hybrid model, where the team was a blend of the client’s workforce and skilled Finture developers. This collaboration was bolstered by the technical and organizational guidance from seasoned consultants and was conducted entirely in English.


With the proficient efforts of Finture’s team, we succeeded in implementing all project expectations and operationalizing these integrations. As a result, the client was enabled to process several thousand online orders daily, thereby enhancing their business operations.

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