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The client is one of the fastest-growing retail chains in the UK, known for delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. With an extensive product range of over 65,000 items, their inventory constantly fluctuates, necessitating an effective in-store signage management system. The client continuously expands its store network and sought a signage management partner to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of their expanding business.


As the client expanded, they realized the need for a flexible and efficient signage management system that could keep up with their evolving business needs. The requirement was to have a scalable solution that could effortlessly grow with their long-term plans without causing any disruption. They needed a system that could offer agility, speed in delivering price updates, assured compliance, and quick decision-making capabilities. Moreover, the client aimed to eliminate the dependency on separate standalone systems and ensure fast execution of urgent product or pricing changes.


After an extensive market evaluation, the client selected NetTickIT from Pierhouse for its flexible, agile, and easy-to-use functionality. NetTickIT, which they’ve successfully used for more than a decade, met all their criteria for an in-store signage management system. The solution facilitated agile working, guaranteed compliance, and provided the ability to make quick price updates. This partnership with Pierhouse enabled the client to realize their future plans without hindrance, contributing significantly to their rapid growth.


With NetTickIT, the client achieved the following benefits:

    • Streamlined and flexible in-store signage management that grows with the business
    • Enhanced agility in business processes
    • Rapid updates to product prices and information
    • Assured compliance and minimized reliance on standalone systems
    • Faster decision-making owing to quick availability of information
    • A long-term partnership dedicated to mutual growth


The successful implementation of NetTickIT at the client’s retail stores demonstrates how a suitable technology solution can meet the dynamic needs of a rapidly expanding business. The flexibility, agility, and user-friendly functionality of NetTickIT not only helped the client streamline their in-store signage processes but also ensured that the system could grow along with the business. Through this long-term partnership, Pierhouse continues to support the client in their growth journey, embodying the company’s commitment to deliver on its future plans.

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