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The client is a leading media fashion and digital products retailer in Poland, renowned for its recognizable brand and popularity among customers. With a strong online presence, the client sought to provide a seamless cashless shopping experience through their own application, delivering the same level of excellence customers have come to appreciate on their online channels.


To enhance the customer experience, the client aimed to enable cashless transactions via their mobile application, minimizing contact with store employees and allowing customers to complete purchases on their mobile devices. The solution also needed to support localized store-level transactions, export sales data to the back-office system, facilitate communication with a dedicated promotion calculation service, and enable fiscal reconciliation of each transaction. The project had a tight deadline of 5 months, and the additional challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic required the entire project to be conducted remotely.


The project commenced with a workshop to establish all the necessary details and requirements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs. A thorough analysis was conducted to devise a solution that fully addressed those requirements. The project was divided into stages, combining development and partial testing. An agile development team continuously incorporated feedback, updated processes, and introduced changes throughout the project. After successful pre-production testing, a pilot phase was implemented in 10 locations, validating the solution’s effectiveness. Subsequently, the solution was rolled out to 40 of the client’s stores. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance services were provided to ensure smooth operations.


The implementation yielded a mobile omnichannel checkout platform, empowering customers to make faster purchases through the client’s mobile application. This streamlined process improved the overall customer experience, enhancing customer satisfaction. By enabling cashless transactions, the solution reduced contact with store employees, freeing them to focus on other essential tasks. The project’s successful completion within the tight deadline and under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic highlights the efficiency and adaptability of the implemented solution.


The client’s goal of providing a seamless cashless shopping experience through their mobile application was achieved through the implementation of a robust mobile omnichannel checkout platform. By embracing innovative solutions, the client enhanced customer service, expedited purchase processes, and improved overall customer experience. This project exemplifies the importance of embracing digital transformation and leveraging technology to meet evolving customer expectations in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

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