An American startup seeking a solution capable of swiftly processing large data sets to facilitate effective advertising offers.


The client anticipated a solution that would automate the execution of online and physical advertising campaigns on platforms such as smart TVs, in-taxi advertisements, and ads at cash registers. They also sought precise targeting capabilities for their campaigns. The desired solution would support every customer segment (from SMEs to corporations), enable granular targeting, and provide full transparency in expenditure tracking.


The challenge was to design a solution architecture that could process large data sets within short response times (below 30 ms). We proposed and successfully implemented a multi-module solution, the critical components of which include:

  • Client application (utilizing React, Redux)
  • Backend of the client application (using Scala, Akka-http, Akka-streams)
  • Analytical module (featuring Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Athena)
  • Decentralized “Pixel-server” (built with Scala, Akka-http, Redis), which is a proprietary tool for real-time ad display monitoring Data, depending on needs and efficiency/cost optimization, can be stored in various ways: databases, FTP servers, HDFS, or S3.

The project’s dynamic and multi-faceted development necessitated good design practices and tools that support rapid and safe implementation of changes. This included a microservice architecture, code reviews, unit tests, and automated tests using tools like Jenkins, Liquibase, and Docker.

Business processes are fully automated and managed in one centralized, dedicated tool. The entire platform operates in the AWS cloud, utilizing machines in multiple geographic regions, enabling easy and cost-effective management of computing resources and their continuous monitoring.


With the new solution, the client now has a cloud-based platform equipped with all necessary tools for conducting multi-platform advertising campaigns, while accurately measuring their effectiveness. This ensures that their ads reach the appropriate audience and that their budget is used optimally. Additionally, the solution is available as a B2B ‘white-label’ product.

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