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Our client is a prominent entity in the baby product industry, boasting the leading feeding brand in the UK and Australia and ranking amongst the top five essential baby brands globally.


The evolving retail market led to the client’s over-dependence on major online retailers. This situation hindered the establishment of direct relationships with customers. Furthermore, the conventional Business-to-Business (B2B) model with retailers was under strain due to an increasing number of physical store closures.


To alleviate these issues, we developed a strategy aimed at minimizing reliance on offline retail. We proposed a Direct-to-Customer (DTC) approach with a Stand-Out Proposition (SOP). Acknowledging that 94% of their traffic originated from touch devices, we underscored a mobile-first strategy.

We concentrated on delivering the “Right Content at the Right Time,” which resulted in a 15% lower bounce rate. The solution incorporated leading-edge eCommerce platforms to enhance the overall user experience and streamline operations.


empowered them to regain control over their brand image, products, and reputation. It facilitated the collection of valuable customer data and fostered the development of direct relationships with consumers.

This transformation allowed the client to fully capitalize on organic traffic, resulting in increased revenue and profit. The implementation of automatic ticket assignment mitigated the need for manual processes, while the new platform facilitated scalability to include new languages, teams, and markets.


This case study illustrates how a well-formulated eCommerce strategy can successfully navigate the complexities of an evolving retail market. Through customer-centric models, mobile-first approaches, and effective eCommerce platforms, our client was able to establish direct customer relationships, boost revenue, and strengthen their brand image.

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