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The client is a leading chain of office supplies stores with an extensive presence across Australia. With over 150 locations, the client offers a wide range of products and services to customers across the country.


The client was facing significant challenges with its in-store signage and label management. The central issue involved inaccurate price data, poorly designed labels, and an expensive, centralized printing system. The data supplying systems were complicated and varied, leading to confusion over which system held the correct price or promotional information. The in-store procedures for price checking and label printing were slow, inefficient, and frequently resulted in errors.


Collaborating closely with the client’s IT team, we provided assistance in simplifying and enhancing the process of supplying product, price, and promotional data from their systems. This data fed into our NetTickIT software. By utilizing point of sale templates, the correct information for every product was automatically applied to every piece of signage, from labels to large posters.

NetTickIT was linked to the client’s in-store large format printers, enabling stores to print labels and signs up to A1 in size. This resulted in the stores only printing what was necessary, thereby virtually eliminating waste from unused centrally produced signage. Moreover, the new process was far less costly and time-consuming than the previous method.

In addition, we collaborated with the store operations team to develop a customized NetTickIT iOS app. This app allowed store teams to use iPad minis for checking label accuracy and to quickly order reprints of missing or damaged labels.


  1. Streamlined Processes: NetTickIT’s efficient management of product, price, and promotional data significantly improved the client’s internal procedures, leading to greater accuracy in price checking and label printing.
  2. Reduced Costs: By enabling in-store printing, NetTickIT eliminated the need for an expensive, centralized printing system, substantially cutting down costs and reducing waste from unused centrally produced signage.
  3. Enhanced Design: The use of NetTickIT resulted in better-designed labels that were more engaging for the customers, enhancing their shopping experience.
  4. Customized Solution: The development of a customized NetTickIT iOS app allowed store teams to efficiently check label accuracy and order reprints of missing or damaged labels, thereby reducing time and effort spent on these tasks.


Through the integration of NetTickIT, the client successfully transformed its in-store signage and label management processes. This solution not only streamlined data management and reduced costs but also improved label design and user experience for store teams. The success of this project exemplifies how a tailored technology solution, like NetTickIT, can effectively address specific business challenges and drive operational efficiency.

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