A prominent financial institution in the banking sector (among the top 5 banks in Poland) looking to enhance efficiency in their business operations.


The client caters to large-scale enterprises in the corporate sector. Each new client expects a swift initiation of a range of auxiliary products and individual services tailored as per the agreements made with a dedicated advisor. The onboarding process conducted by the bank’s staff was found to be sub-optimal, involving several business units in an unstructured manner that was challenging to oversee.


The analytical work of the FINTURE team was divided into multiple phases. The initial stage was an extensive inventory of processes related to the onboarding of a new corporate client. The team identified 27 individual processes pertaining to internal bank orders to activate specific products (such as multicash, electronic banking, payment cards, etc.) and account parameterization in line with the customer’s arrangements and expectations. The review of these AS-IS processes formed the foundation for a detailed analysis of processes and the creation of optimization maps for each path.


The concluding documentation comprised a set of recommendations from FINTURE’s analytical team, including points for process optimization, as well as TO-BE workflow diagrams. The outcome of the work was a roadmap for the development of IT systems involved in the process flow. This roadmap aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s business operations.

Automation of Internal IT Processes
Streamlining Invoice Data Extraction with INVOICE Reader Module

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