One of the leading logistics companies in Central and Eastern Europe, ranking among Poland’s top 5, sought to shorten the Time to Market for their IT solutions.


The client desired a solution to hasten the delivery of IT solutions to the production environment, eliminate monotonous tasks for developers, and simplify the operations of their IT team.


Facing the growing business necessity to minimize the Time 2 Market for IT projects, the client’s IT department took on the challenge of harmonizing one development process (Software Development Life Cycle) across different technologies, including .NET and Webmethods. This endeavor coincided with the client’s project to migrate IT solutions to the cloud. We proposed a solution based on Azure DevOps, which supports a technology-agnostic approach and facilitates the cloud migration simultaneously. We developed a system for continuous integration and delivery, enabling the client to consistently integrate newly developed code into the production environment. The process is automated, which expedites the delivery of changes to the production environment and the creation of additional environments for testing purposes.


Our solution significantly diminished the time the client spent on delivering changes and creating new environments. This accelerated delivery process not only improved the client’s operational efficiency but also freed up resources that could be utilized in other business areas. The implemented solution also reduced the risk of human error in the delivery and environment creation process.

Automation of Credit Limit Applications
Continuous Integration and Delivery

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