A prominent financial institution operating in the banking sector (top 5 banks in Poland) seeking to boost sales in remote channels.


The client aimed to enhance their revenue stream from additional product sales generated via remote channels. They also aspired to attract new customers by introducing an additional product into their banking offerings. Furthermore, the client demanded full process automation to ensure appropriate profit margins.


The client sought to enrich its online and mobile banking services by introducing the option for individual customers to purchase digital gift cards. This undertaking involved several of the bank’s business units, ranging from sales to e-banking and multiple IT departments. The project posed a challenge to our team in creating a solution that could flexibly introduce new types of cards, with dynamic amounts and settlement methods. The solution was successfully implemented in a production environment, meeting the client’s expected timeline, budget, and functionality parameters.


The implementation provided customers with a new feature that allows easy and digital purchase of gift cards. Consumers appreciated this convenient, simple, and secure gifting option. From the bank’s perspective, it introduced a new revenue stream with limited costs and risk. Furthermore, this solution has become a distinguishing factor for the bank in the competitive marketplace.

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