A leading financial institution in the leasing industry (among the top 5 lessors) looking to augment their sales of motor insurance.


The client sought to boost the sales of insurance renewals and leases. The anticipated solution would facilitate the online generation of competitive offers from a variety of insurance companies.


The motor insurance market is highly competitive, and personalizing the offer for a specific client is the key to standing out. Offering the products of just one insurance company is not sufficient to meet the market demand. To address this, the project team built a solution that consolidates offerings from various competitors and presents them in an organized manner. An additional challenge the team faced was the requirement to accommodate the addition of new Insurance Undertakings (TUs) and easy configuration of communication risks. This was achieved through the utilization of Camunda’s Business Process Management (BPM) and a microservice approach.


Post-implementation, the client now has the ability to offer online insurance. By analyzing the customer’s preferences, they can prepare proposals that are tailored to the clients’ needs. The process has been simplified and its status can be easily tracked and further developed.

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