In the dynamic world of retail, the transition of Tesco stores to Netto across Poland stands as a monumental undertaking, brilliantly executed by Exorigo-Upos.

The Challenge

March 2021 marked a significant shift in Poland’s retail landscape with Salling Group’s acquisition of Tesco’s Polish operations, leading to the conversion of approximately 300 shops to the Netto format. Exorigo-Upos was entrusted with a vital aspect of this transition: the IT services and installations across these stores. This task involved not just technical expertise but also the ability to manage a rapid, large-scale implementation across multiple locations simultaneously​.

The Solution

Exorigo-Upos’s response to this challenge was a meticulously planned and executed IT migration project. Spanning almost 180 migrations to be completed by May 2022, the project demanded the transformation of around six shops every week. This involved installing IT equipment, including cabinets, back offices, cash registers, and payment terminals, a week prior to each shop’s reopening.

The scope wasn’t limited to equipment installation; it also included comprehensive support services during shop openings. The project team was strategically divided into specialized units to manage on-site field service, warehouse, teletechnology, commissioning, and training for implementation teams. What started initially in major centers like Warsaw and Krakow, eventually expanded to encompass medium-sized and small towns across Poland​​.

The Result

The initial phase of the project saw the successful migration of several dozen shops. The plan, in harmony with Netto’s strategy, involves the continuous opening of more outlets in the following weeks. Once the migrations are complete, Exorigo-Upos will transition to providing permanent support services, leveraging its robust team of 400 members operating from 22 service offices across Poland​​.


This case study not only highlights Exorigo-Upos’s technical acumen and project management skills but also illustrates the evolving nature of retail operations and the importance of effective IT infrastructure in facilitating these changes. As retail continues to evolve, partnerships like that of Exorigo-Upos and Netto will become increasingly vital in ensuring smooth transitions and ongoing operational excellence.

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