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Our client is a major European retail group operating hypermarket stores throughout the continent. They are part of the renowned Louis Delhaize group and have been in operation since 1974. The client owns more than 80 stores in Europe, including 14 in Romania.


The client was struggling with a high volume of daily promotional and shelf-edge ticket generation, leading to difficulties managing tickets across their extensive store network. The accuracy of their signage, varying from large A0 signs to shelf-edge labels, was another area of concern. The client also faced challenges managing complex data sets held in different locations.


We introduced the client to NetTickIT Publisher, a solution that automatically renders appropriate artwork for various output options, including in-store printing and central printing. The solution can import and process content from a wide range of sources, including ERP and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems, managed print services solutions, spreadsheets, NetTickIT OnePoint, and many other third-party systems.

This content can encompass product descriptions, prices, barcodes, images, ingredients, origin country details, QR codes, marketing messages, and brand standards. Our Publisher software eliminates version control issues, ensuring the staff always have access to the latest updates, maintaining in-store ticket compliance.


The client can now centrally control their ticketing processes, ensuring standardization across their Romanian store network. By consolidating their data management, the client has eliminated the need to work with multiple complex data sets stored in various locations. This change has resulted in the latest and fully compliant versions of tickets being printed by the staff.

The client experienced significant improvements in ticketing and signage accuracy. The automation of processes also enabled quicker turnaround times for implementing promotional, product, and price changes in-store.


This case study illustrates the value of adopting sophisticated software solutions for managing high-volume ticket generation and diverse data sets. The results show enhanced ticket compliance, improved accuracy, and quicker response times for changes, boosting overall operational efficiency.

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