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The client is a renowned retail chain founded in 1872, specializing in homeware products, small electrical items, gardening essentials, consumer goods, and DIY items. With a store count of 96 across the South of England, the client offers a wide array of products catering to diverse customer needs. Owned by a prominent entrepreneur since 2012, the client strives to enhance the customer experience by ensuring high-quality products, superior customer service, and continuous innovation. Despite the competitive retail market, the client remains dedicated to driving sales uplift and attracting new customers through dynamic in-store promotions and by providing detailed product information at the shelf edge.


The client, a renowned retail chain with 96 stores across the South of England, was aiming to amplify sales uplift and attract new customers at the shelf edge in a highly competitive retail market. Their existing systems lacked speed and flexibility, hindering swift promotional changes across the store portfolio. The retailer sought to offer customers enhanced access to product information, assisting them in making informed purchase decisions.


To address these challenges, the client chose NetTickIT from Pierhouse, an intelligent signage and ticketing platform, which seamlessly integrated with their product database. This integration allowed for the inclusion of more detailed product descriptions in promotional materials, aiding customers in selecting the best product based on their needs at the shelf edge. Furthermore, the retailer used NetTickIT in conjunction with handheld terminals, enabling staff to order any missing or additional point of sale elements during their store rounds, and collect them later from a back-office printer. The point of sale prints were organized in the store walk order to save staff time. Overall, the solution facilitated a more flexible, dynamic system for managing promotions and ticketing across stores.


  1. Flexibility and Dynamism: NetTickIT allowed for more flexible and dynamic promotional execution in-store, enhancing the customer experience at the shelf edge.
  2. Reduced Costs: The solution resulted in reduced ticket production and distribution costs.
  3. Increased Efficiency: NetTickIT helped improve internal processes and reduced labor costs by automating ticketing and promotional elements.
  4. Error Reduction: The increased automation led to a dramatic reduction in errors and print wastage.
  5. Compliance: The solution guaranteed compliance, ensuring all promotional materials met relevant guidelines and regulations.
  6. Seamless Integration: The integration process was simple and smooth, reducing potential operational disruptions.


With the integration of NetTickIT, the client was able to drastically enhance the in-store customer experience at the shelf edge, ensuring customers could easily access all prices, products, and offers. The solution not only facilitated more flexible and dynamic marketing campaigns, but also improved staff efficiency, systems utilization, and compliance, while reducing errors and costs. The client’s success illustrates how adapting smart signage and ticketing solutions can effectively improve internal processes, increase sales uplift, and boost customer engagement.

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