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Our client is a prominent home improvement retailer and garden centre with over 200 stores scattered across the UK. They primarily sell supplies and materials for homeowners and the building trade.


The client’s stores were grappling with significant inaccuracies and non-compliance in store signage execution. Frequent errors were occurring in price and promotional labels, with many stores failing internal audits. The client had numerous sizes and formats of promotional labels, and store teams struggled to ensure the correct price and promotional labels were placed on the right products at the right time. Additionally, they were shouldering a considerable annual cost of refunding customers due to pricing errors, leading to constant confusion among in-store assistants regarding the correct promotional signage.


We collaborated with the client’s Marketing, Store Operations, Commercial Buying, and IT teams to understand the pain points and challenges associated with setting up product, price, and promotional information for in-store labels. Using NetTickIT, we assisted the marketing teams in designing new format promotional labels and reducing the number of templates and label sizes used by over 40%.

Our solution, NetTickIT, eliminated manual intervention in signage production by 85%. Once a promotion was created, a store label automatically became available within NetTickIT. It improved promotional setup accuracy on shelf edge labels, reducing the error rate from 25% to less than 1%.

Other benefits included the reduction of point-of-sale sizes and templates by an estimated 50%, thereby cutting costs of in-store signage equipment. The new micro-perforated paper allowed all shelf edge labels to be printed from one paper stock. We also enabled easy price checking by allowing NetTickIT to be accessed on their current Hand Terminals and implemented single sign-on as part of their in-store user interface for NetTickIT.


The client expects to reduce customer refunds due to incorrect pricing by over £1m within the first year and anticipates print and paper savings to exceed £400k in the same period. The successful pilot in stores led to the current roll-out of NetTickIT across the estate.

The Head of Customer Experience commented, “Throughout this project, we have identified numerous additional benefits in using NetTickIT that will deliver budget savings, process improvements, and an improved customer experience. We are expecting NetTickIT to make a significant impact on the bottom line, and our customer and colleague experience in-store will be improved, which is beneficial for everyone.”


This case study showcases how the strategic implementation of a solution like NetTickIT can transform store operations, improve compliance, reduce errors, and lead to substantial cost savings.

Improving Ticketing Accuracy, Efficiency, and Cost Reduction for a Leading Retailer
Enhancing Ticket Compliance and Information Accuracy for a Major European Retail Group

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