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The client is a local subsidiary of a renowned global hypermarket, supermarket, and convenience format network with a presence in multiple countries across various continents. Known for its extensive network of outlets, the brand sought to optimize its checkout process and improve customer experience.


In some of the client’s shops, a manual system was in place to direct customers to checkout stands. However, this required constant maintenance and involvement from shop personnel. To address this challenge, the client sought a new system that would automate the process of directing customers to checkout counters, freeing up shop staff to perform other tasks. To achieve this, the client engaged Exorigo-Upos to implement an innovative Single Line Queue System (SLQS).

The project faced additional challenges due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring the project team to conduct internal statuses, development, and testing remotely through online communication. Furthermore, the inability to conduct UAT testing in the client’s lab environment posed a testing challenge.


The project’s technical and functional analysis took place in April 2020, with formal arrangements continuing until the end of July. Development commenced in September and was completed by October. Thorough testing occurred from mid-October to November in a shop in Gliwice, where the SLQS was implemented and tested with the assistance of testers and developers. Feedback from shop staff was collected after running the new system over a weekend. Amendments based on the feedback were made, and pilot tests were conducted from December to February in outlets located in Gliwice, Warsaw, and Krakow. Finally, from March to May 2021, the Single Queue System was implemented across the client’s entire network, replacing the outdated legacy system.


The client expressed high satisfaction with the implemented Single Line Queue System, as it significantly improved the productivity of checkout staff. The automatic operation of SLQS resulted in faster customer queue management, leading to a more positive shopping experience. The number of customers served also increased due to the system’s efficiency. The successful implementation of SLQS demonstrated its effectiveness in optimizing the checkout process, enhancing customer experience, and allowing shop staff to focus on other important tasks.


By implementing the innovative Single Line Queue System, the client successfully addressed the challenge of improving checkout efficiency and enhancing customer experience across their network of shops. The automated nature of SLQS reduced the burden on shop staff, allowing them to allocate their time to other essential responsibilities. Customers benefited from faster and more streamlined checkout experiences, resulting in higher satisfaction. This project showcases the importance of leveraging technological solutions to optimize operational processes and elevate customer experiences in the ever-evolving retail industry.

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