A prominent financial institution operating in the banking sector (among the top 5 banks in Poland) aiming for heightened automation in the credit disposal area.


The client sought an enhancement in automation concerning the issuance of credit instructions, aiming to lower operational costs. One proposed solution was to introduce the handling of instructions via internet channels.


The client resolved to address the increasing market expectations concerning the management of credit instructions. The procedures involved:

  • Early loan repayment,
  • Change of account for loan repayment,
  • Suspension of loan installment repayment,
  • Extension of the loan period,
  • Change of repayment date.

Instructions previously submitted at the bank’s branches were made accessible through electronic and mobile banking. This alleviated the load on the bank’s branches and provided consumers with more convenient access to these services. Furthermore, post-production implementation of the functionality in 2020 (amid the COVID pandemic), customers began to submit installment suspension requests on a large scale. The Design Team promptly responded to these client needs by automating the Backoffice, handling 80% of the basic cases.


Post-implementation, customers began to use the new functionality extensively, significantly reducing the costs of process handling and increasing sales volume. The introduction of a simplified credit risk assessment procedure and an omnichannel approach improved the customer experience.

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