A prominent financial institution operating in the banking sector (among the top 5 banks in Poland) seeking enhanced efficiency in their business processes.


The client had independently completed the project of constructing a CRM system tailored to corporate client advisors. However, after years of continuous changes, the system’s architecture required reconstruction to keep up with the growing needs of analysts and customer advisors.


FINTURE assumed responsibility to take over the CRM system from the bank’s business team and carry out the challenging task of inventorying used data sources (numerous isolated databases) and reconstructing a large number of SQL queries. The project’s most significant challenge was analyzing the application code (both frontend and backend layers) and devising a plan for its reconstruction. This was to ensure the rapidly growing number of report inquiries from various business units could be accommodated in the shortest possible time. Prior to FINTURE’s intervention, ad-hoc reporting had become increasingly unstable and time-consuming.


After three months of intensive work, FINTURE’s analytical and development team successfully reconstructed the database feed processes and completed the documentation of the application’s structures and layers for consistent development and maintenance. This ensured that the client’s CRM system was more robust, efficient, and capable of handling increasing demands from different business units.

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