A leading logistics company in Central and Eastern Europe, ranking among the top 5 in Poland, aiming to expedite the Time to Market of their IT solutions.


The client sought a solution to expedite the delivery of IT solutions to the production environment, eliminate repetitive tasks for developers, and streamline the work of their IT operations team.


The client’s IT department recognized the increasing business demand to reduce the Time to Market for IT projects as much as possible. The team was challenged to unify the Software Development Life Cycle process across different technologies, including .NET and Webmethods. This effort coincided with a project to migrate IT solutions to the cloud. Our proposed solution, based on Azure DevOps, enabled a technology-agnostic approach while also supporting the cloud migration. We created a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) system allowing the client to continuously implement newly written code into the production environment. The process is automated, facilitating rapid, fully automatic delivery of changes to the production environment, as well as the creation of additional environments for testing purposes.


Our solution significantly reduced the client’s time spent on delivering changes and creating new environments. This expedited delivery not only improves the client’s efficiency, but the saved time can be utilized elsewhere, providing additional benefits in other areas of the business. The implemented solution also mitigates the risk of human error in the process of delivery and environment creation.

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