A prominent logistics institution operating in Poland seeking enhanced control and security in their internal IT processes.


The client anticipated a solution that supports internal IT processes, particularly in the automation of access management to IT resources – inferencing, approval, and commissioning. Given the high employee turnover (over 10,000 employees, including couriers), the client required a system to organize processes that would decrease service time, minimize the risk of errors, and thereby improve safety by limiting access to a necessary minimum.


The client had for years concentrated on business processes, delaying the automation of internal IT procedures. However, frequent staff changes and a need to address security concerns elevated the priority of an IT4IT solution. Inventorying all processes and understanding how they were executed represented a significant project challenge. The subsequent step was to standardize the processes and define the necessary approval levels for commissioning. Automated approval and renewal of permissions were among the enhancements offered by Finture.

The utilization of a Business Process Management System (BPMS) class tool (webmethods) was also key in enabling a quick response and the introduction of changes to the process. The solution was successfully implemented in the client’s infrastructure.


The client’s employees use the solution extensively with each request for change (permissions, access, etc.) addressed to the IT department. The process allows tracking of the status and execution time of each order, enhancing overall efficiency and control in the organization’s internal IT processes.

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