A large financial institution operating in the banking sector, aiming to increase sales in remote channels.


The client sought to boost sales of credit limits through remote channels, thereby reducing loan costs. Additionally, they aimed to enhance the customer experience across all platforms (omnichannel) to improve the conversion rate of sales processes, including those initiated in stationary channels, and to boost customer perception.


The client decided to extend its market reach by selling credit products (such as revolving credit limits and debit lines) through web and mobile channels. Beyond the challenges presented in the credit card application, additional issues arose concerning the size and complexity of the offer and the need to support existing products, including those migrated from other banks. The approach focused on consistently and systematically fulfilling client expectations.

By defining a common objective with the client, we were able to streamline processes as much as possible while handling specific situations (like complex sources of income). Integrating with the bank’s environment (involving over 100 integration services) posed a challenge, but technical verification conducted at the outset of the project helped us to mitigate this risk from the beginning.


The implementation provided the bank’s customers with a new functionality that enables the online initiation of additional funds. The introduction of an omnichannel approach improved customer comfort levels, and the unique offering attracted new customers, leading to an increase in sales volume.

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