A large financial institution operating in the banking industry, aiming to increase sales in remote channels.


The client sought an increase in the sales of credit cards via remote channels, thereby reducing the cost of this product. Additionally, they wanted to improve the customer experience (omnichannel), with the objective of enhancing the conversion rate of sales processes, including those initiated in physical channels.


The client decided to respond to growing market expectations for the sale of credit cards through web and mobile channels, along with an omnichannel approach to the sales process (beginning the process in one channel and ending in another). The project required involvement and agreements from various business units, including e-banking, sales, risk, and product specialists, which posed a significant challenge. A professional approach centered on achieving desired outcomes allowed for efficient analytical work within this complex environment. The development of a straightforward and simplified risk assessment model enabled us to find a balance between the needs of the Electronic Banking department (customer experience) and the Risk Department (ensuring the Bank’s stability). Integrating the credit card sales process with the entire bank’s environment—over 80 integration services, different suppliers, technologies, and data models—was a substantial challenge for all parties involved.


Post-implementation, customers began to use the new functionality on a large scale, substantially reducing the costs of managing the process and concurrently increasing the sales volume. The introduction of a simplified credit risk assessment and omnichannel procedure improved the customer experience.

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