The Evolving Role of Payments in Retail

In the dynamic world of retail, the role of payments has evolved significantly. As highlighted by the National Retail Federation, payments now play a pivotal role in customer engagement, commitment, and retention. This transformation underscores the importance of adaptive payment strategies in the retail industry.

The Multiplication of Channels and Payment Methods

The retail sector has witnessed an explosion in the variety and complexity of payment channels and methods. Retailers are now tasked with accommodating a broad spectrum of payment options, ranging from traditional methods to mobile payments and even cryptocurrencies. The objective is to offer a seamless and customer-friendly shopping experience across all platforms.

Mobile Retail: The New Standard

Mobile retail has set new standards for stores, online, and social commerce. The integration of user-friendly mobile payment systems is now a crucial aspect of the retail experience, aligning with customers’ preferences for convenience and security.

The Criticality of Localization

Localization is key to success in various markets. Retailers must adapt to local payment preferences and navigate through regional regulations, currency conversion, and tax implications. Successful localization can significantly enhance market presence and customer satisfaction.

Exorigo-Upos: Your Ideal Technology Partner

In this complex landscape, selecting the right technology partner is crucial. Exorigo-Upos stands out as a knowledgeable partner capable of commissioning, integrating software and hardware, and complying with regulatory and security requirements. Their SmartHub solution, a modular system for sales fiscalization, exemplifies this expertise. It allows for mandatory fiscalization, integration with KSeF, and the provision of environmentally friendly e-receipts, all within an omnichannel sales model. Delivered as a SaaS service, SmartHub ensures high availability, reliability, and security, having fiscalized over 25 million transactions in 2022.

Comprehensive Support with SmartHub

The SmartHub system offers comprehensive support for recording, documenting, and reporting sales. It includes features such as:

  • Fiscalization of sales on fiscal printers.
  • Provision of e-receipts and simplified e-invoices.
  • Issuance and delivery of VAT e-invoices.
  • Reporting of receipts and VAT invoices for registered sales.
  • Export of fiscal daily reports.

Additional Features and Services

Exorigo-Upos’s SmartHub system also includes:

  • SmartOrder: Integrates various systems like e-commerce, WMS, and mobile, managing printers and ensuring automatic fiscalization.
  • E-RECEIPT+: Supports electronic receipts, including storage, distribution, and compliance with future fiscal law regulations.
  • SmartKSeF – SmartInvoice: Automatically generates VAT and correction invoices, integrated with KSeF.
  • Comprehensive technical and organizational support, including infrastructure provision, Service Desk support, maintenance, and legal update implementations.

The Seven Advantages of SmartHub

The SmartHub e-fiscalization system boasts seven key advantages:

  1. Guarantees the fiscalization of each transaction.
  2. Generates and delivers various purchasing documents.
  3. Simplifies the process, offering complete control.
  4. Supports environmental sustainability.
  5. Ensures even load distribution on printers.
  6. Automates the process of closing the fiscal day.
  7. Complies with all legal fiscalization requirements.


The realm of payments is rapidly evolving, now playing a crucial role in customer engagement and loyalty. Retailers must keep pace with these changes, adopting technologies that cater to diverse customer preferences. Embracing solutions like Exorigo-Upos’s SmartHub is essential for success in the contemporary retail environment.

Payment Trends 2024

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