Introducing the New Mobile NetTickIT: Fast, Sustainable and Transformative

We are thrilled to announce that NetTickIT has gone mobile, bringing about a radical transformation in retail operations. Our new mobile application allows you to quickly change in-store tickets and infuses a degree of sustainability into retail procedures. However, the most distinctive advantage of the mobile NetTickIT is the efficiency it provides to in-store staff, enabling them to swiftly modify tickets and redirect their focus on other vital tasks.

Wondering how we achieved this? Here are the key features that make it all possible:

User-Friendly Interface

  • The mobile NetTickIT is designed to be compatible with most in-store handheld devices. Conveniently positioned on the main screen, it’s easily accessible and simple to use.
  • You can quickly scan the shelf edge to verify price consistency with your planogram. If the NetTickIT identifies a pricing discrepancy, it promptly alerts you to make the necessary change.
  • Integrated with your mobile printer, NetTickIT allows ticket modifications at the point of need, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

The mobile version of NetTickIT not only helps in-store colleagues sell more but also conserves time and expensive resources by only printing tickets that require modifications. Furthermore, we’ve simplified the use of NetTickIT by creating a suite of apps dedicated to automating key store processes.

Quick to Implement

  • Our Data App eases the process of loading vital information into NetTickIT.
  • The Designer App eliminates the complexity associated with multi-format tickets, ensuring essential information is easily accessible at the shelf edge.
  • NetTickIT is now integrated with electronic shelf edge labels, reducing paper usage and catering to full store, part store, or critical category needs where price changes occur frequently.

Swift ROI

  • Achieve a 4% sales increase on promotions.
  • 20% reduction in printing costs.
  • Benefit from 100% accuracy.
  • Experience a payback period of under 5 months.

Our dedicated customer service team would be delighted to provide you with a comprehensive demonstration of these new features.

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