In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, delivering accurate and compelling product information is crucial for success. A leading e-commerce brand recognized the need for a centralized and efficient system to manage product information across multiple channels. That’s when they turned to Akeneo PIM, a powerful product information management system, to streamline their processes and enhance the customer journey.

Problem Overview

Our client, a well-established e-commerce brand operating in multiple markets, faced challenges in managing and maintaining product information across their vast catalog. The existing systems were fragmented, leading to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in product data. With the expanding business and the need for multilingual support, the client required a robust solution to centralize and standardize their product information management.


To address these challenges, the client chose Akeneo PIM in the Enterprise Edition version. The selection was made after a thorough analysis of available solutions, with Akeneo PIM meeting the essential requirements of the client. Exorigo-Upos, a trusted implementation partner with expertise in PIM integrations, was entrusted with the task of implementing and customizing Akeneo PIM according to the client’s specific needs.


The implementation of Akeneo PIM brought forth a multitude of benefits for our client. Firstly, it provided a centralized platform to manage product information across multiple markets and e-commerce channels. With Akeneo PIM, the client could ensure the accuracy and completeness of product data, enhancing the customer experience and minimizing the risk of misinformation.

Akeneo PIM’s advanced features allowed the client to streamline their product catalog management, improving efficiency and reducing manual efforts. The multilingual support feature enabled seamless expansion into new markets, ensuring consistent messaging and information delivery to customers worldwide.

By implementing Akeneo PIM, the client witnessed significant improvements in productivity and resource allocation. The automation and standardization of processes allowed their team to focus on value-added tasks rather than spending hours on manual data management. With a unified and reliable source of product information, the client could provide customers with clear and precise communication about their comprehensive product offerings.


The successful implementation of Akeneo PIM has transformed product information management for our client, the leading e-commerce brand. By centralizing and standardizing their product data, they have overcome the challenges of fragmented systems and inconsistent information. Akeneo PIM’s comprehensive features have streamlined their processes, enhanced productivity, and improved the overall customer journey.

As our client continues to expand their e-commerce footprint and cater to a global audience, Akeneo PIM remains an invaluable tool in their arsenal. The ability to deliver accurate, compelling, and multilingual product information is now a reality, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences and continued growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.