2023/2024 | Executive Summary and Projections

As we navigate through the first quarter, it’s a time-honored tradition to reflect on the previous year and forecast the future, mapping out anticipated hurdles and opportunities. This holds true for Finture, a subsidiary under Jonitaco Holdings, as we faced numerous challenges in 2023 and look forward to a year teeming with both challenges and prospects in 2024. Our leadership team has taken the time to recap the past year and share their outlook for 2024.

Reflections on 2023

The year 2023 was marked by significant global political and economic upheaval, a sentiment echoed by Radek Bzoma, CEO of Finture, highlighting both global and local challenges. In an economically tough climate, businesses with ambitious agendas had to navigate through turbulent waters.

The year also witnessed a technological revolution, with General AI, Large Language Models, and Generative Art capturing widespread attention and sparking debates on the tech industry’s future trajectory.

For Finture, 2023 was transformative. We streamlined our operations, enhanced our processes, ventured into new markets, and innovated in communication and customer engagement strategies. Our collaboration with our sister company, Exorigo-Upos, intensified, fostering a more unified approach.

Grzegorz Popielnicki, overseeing the banking sector, highlighted our efforts to diversify our client base both locally and internationally, leading to new partnerships. The development of Flowee and our foray into outsourcing and comprehensive service offerings marked significant strides in our business model.

Flowee, our tool designed to optimize and automate workflows in large organizations, stood out in 2023. According to Marcin Kirilenko, its Product Owner, the demand for concrete, organization-tested solutions that enhance efficiency was unmistakable. Amidst inflation and rising costs, cautious investment in innovation became the norm, with a focus on thoroughly vetting each initiative’s business case.

Adam Skąpski, leading our R&D department, labeled 2023 as the dawn of the AI revolution, a development promising to shape the future significantly. Our R&D team’s reorganization has poised us for optimistic advancements in the coming years, fostering a culture of problem-solving collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our inaugural company integration trip underscored the value of team bonding, especially as remote work becomes more prevalent, highlighting the importance of shared experiences and camaraderie in building a cohesive team.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Despite the challenges, 2023 set a positive precedent for Finture, propelling us into 2024 with optimism. Our leaders anticipate a dynamic year ahead, with regulatory changes in banking, a focus on corporate responsibility, and the impact of the AI Act shaping our strategic direction.

Krzysztof Chyliński, our Sales Director, anticipates a year demanding swift adaptation to evolving customer expectations and market pressures. The digital transformation and reconfiguration of traditional sales channels will necessitate substantial IT investments.

Grzegorz Popielnicki expects an economic resurgence and a buoyant IT sector in Poland, with a rationalized application of AI technologies. Finture will continue to champion digital transformation and automation to streamline our clients’ business processes.

Adam Skąpski foresees legal challenges in the AI domain, influencing the future landscape of AI development. Despite potential legal hurdles, AI remains a pivotal area of focus, promising innovative solutions for large enterprises.

Marcin Kirilenko views 2024 as ripe with opportunities, particularly in leveraging AI to enhance operational efficiency within our client teams. Our strategic positioning is favorable for embracing these emerging technologies.

In HR, a personalized approach to processes will be key. Katarzyna Tarasiewicz, our HR Manager, plans to refine the feedback process and leverage technology in recruitment, fostering a supportive and developmental work environment.

As we progress into 2024, Finture, under Jonitaco Holdings, remains committed to diversity, equality, and inclusivity, aiming to cultivate a culture of wellbeing and continued growth.

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